July 8-9 2016


49 Elm St, Drayton, ON N0G 1Z0


Professional teams from the USA and Canada

Ontario's Premier BBQ Competition / A KCBS and CBBQS Joint Event

We are proud to announce Ontario’s premier BBQ Competition, sanctioned by the Kansas City BBQ Society (KCBS), and organized in conjunction with the Canadian BBQ Society (CBBQS).

We are offering $4000.00 (Canadian) as prize money

Entry fee is C$275.00

Cooks and Judges Package here


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Schedule / Something for Everyone

Day 1 KCBS Schedule

8:00 AM - Pro Teams Load In
8:30 AM - Meat Inspection
6:00 PM - Cooks Meeting
7:00 PM - Potluck

Day 2 KCBS Schedule

6:30 AM - Breakfast 9:22 AM - JD Competition Toast 12:00 PM - Chicken Turn In 12:30 PM - Pork Ribs Turn In 1:00 PM - Pork Shoulder Turn In 1:30 PM - Beef

Judge Registration



Kids Q

7:30 - Meat Inspection begins 2:00 - Hand In - Joey's Pizza 2:30 - Hand In - Hamburger

Registered Teams / Coming from Canada and the US!

Event Sponsors / Thank You!

Event Price list / perfect price for event

KCBS Competition


July 08
KCBS membership recommended
Chicken • Pork Ribs • Pork Shoulder • Beef Brisket

Kids BBQ Contest


 July 08
Just for Kids
2 age groups 10 ans below and 11 to 15

Event FAQS / find your answers

For people crossing the border from the USA, you can bring Charcoal, bagged wood chips, bagged pellets, and kiln dried centre cut wood, all must be in their original bags. For those wanting wood, I will have some seasoned hickory available and there will be Cherry and Maple wood on sale.

Beef, Pork and parsley can be brought across the border, in original packaging. Dairy and poultry, I recommend you buy here from Costco, Walmart etc.

Here’s what the Canadian Food Inspection Agency says about bringing meat from the US into Canada

Meat and poultry: fresh, frozen and chilled
  • up to 20 kilograms per person
  • one turkey per person
  • packages must have identifying marks, indicating what the product is
  • proof of country of origin may be required
For details re what can be brought across the border, please consult the Canadian Food Inspection Agency’s website