Rules for Whole Hog

The following rules apply to the whole hog contest. Further clarification  can be requested

Blind Judging

1. Hog will be 50-65lbs dressed with head in tact.
2. Contestant must use contest provided hog.
3. Each contestant must hand in both the blind box and peoples choice.
4. Hog to be inspected by meat inspector prior to applying any rubs, marinades or injections.
5. Contestant may use any rubs, sauces or injections as deemed appropriate.
6. Hog must be cooked on site using wood and/or charcoal.
7. Judging is based on 5 different cuts from the hog.
8. Cuts must be removed from hog & put into provided tray with no further cooking.
9. A member of the Hog Patrol will be present 1 hour before turn in to observe
10. Blind judging by celebrity guest panel.
11. Blind box turn in time 1:00 PM at judge’s area. KCBS rules apply.
12. Special containers will be supplied and the left side marked.
13. Enough for 6 samples of the 5 different cuts must be entered.
14. No garnish. Meat only to be in tray.
15. The 5 cuts are to be placed from left to right as follows: shoulder, loin, rib meat, bacon/belly and ham.

Peoples Choice

• A member of the Hog Patrol will be by between 2:00pm-2:30pm to collect the rest of the meat for people’s choice.
• Containers will be provided
• Meat should be pulled or sliced, bones removed


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