We know some of our American friends of have made the trek to Drayton in the first 2 years - but for anyone that has not been able to attend - we asked Kim and Andy from Behind BBQ (Rochester, NY) if they had anything they could share on their experiences. This is what they had to say:
Behind BBQ has crossed the border into Canada many times, with no problems.
For our last two competitions in Canada, we brought all of our meats, parsley, kale, and many beers and liquor. When the border agents ask us what we are bringing, we answer their questions honestly, but we do not volunteer information. We have found that the minute we mention BBQ, the border agents are very friendly and want to talk BBQ. About half the time, we are asked to open up our camper so they can take a peek, but they have not searched us. I think they were looking to see if we were bringing any people in.
We love competing in Canada. Our entry fee is reduced because of the value of the dollar right now, and we have found the contests to be well organized and the judging to be more than fair. We even had a medical emergency in Canada last year, and we were well cared for and at no expense. We are so pleased to able to compete in Canada, and we will be there as much as we can!
[caption id="attachment_271" align="alignnone" width="150"]Behind BBQ (Rochester, NY) Behind BBQ (Rochester, NY)[/caption] Hope to see many new and old faces at this years BBQ competition in Drayton Ontario!
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